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Rabia Ijaz

PhD in Management
Masters’ Business Administration (Dean's honours)
Google Data Analytics Certified

Rabia is a co-inspirer of Why Wait, who brings a broad range of business management expertise as a consultant, teacher, lecturer, mentor and researcher that ensures she can evaluate, train and develop the capability for individuals and businesses across the community.

Following her passion, Rabia enjoys simplifying research and bring practical information to the real world through teaching. A naturally positive person, moral leader, and enthusiastic instructor, Rabia has always enjoyed working with people of all ages from around the world. In Pakistan, Rabia was involved in lecturing courses in management, human resource management, organisational behaviour, marketing, and supply chain management. Since coming to New Zealand, Rabia has been involved in teaching at the University of Canterbury a diverse range of courses including introduction to management, leading and managing people, advanced human resource management, and leading change and innovation. Further to this, Rabia values being able to enhance the personal or professional attributes of people by providing sincere pastoral care, meaningful mentoring and installing self-belief.

Rabia has recently completed her PhD, evaluating the changes Small and Medium Enterprises instituted in their business models after being hit by a series of earthquakes in the Canterbury region of New Zealand in 2010 and 2011. The research experience, depth of knowledge gained, and previous work experiences allow Rabia to be confident in delivering effective guidance to individuals and businesses in a post-covid environment.

Areas of expertise

  • Building capability

  • Business evaluation and development

  • Organisational behaviour

  • Disaster management

  • Change management

  • Research analysis

  • Communication training

  • Facilitation of group workshops

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Terrelle Hegarty

PhD in Management
Masters education administration (first class honours)
Diploma in Teaching

As a co-inspirer of Why Wait, Terrelle brings diverse work experiences as a teacher, project manager, culture consultant, business CEO, and researcher to provide capability evaluation and training to individuals and organisations.

Engaging quickly with people, Terrelle is always keen to meet with members across the global community to provide resources and instruction that is useful for supporting a positive, collaborative, diverse and inclusive workforce.

To make a difference to people’s lives in the current global environment, Terrelle follows her passion in inspiring people to go after their interests and embrace their personal and work-life experiences positively. Terrelle achieves this by combining her culture knowledge, communication skills and joy of working with people to provide interesting learning and practical strategies of how to build capability, how to design, integrate and maintain flexible work and family arrangements and how to embrace diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. Further to this, Terrelle utilises new opportunities to promote values and good practices in the community and highlight the positive contributions people make towards improving workplace culture.

Having recently completed a PhD on how women working in the Christchurch construction industry respond to industry conditions following the 2010 Canterbury earthquake (2010-2018), Terrelle is well equipped to provide practical assistance to individuals and organisations in the post-covid environment.

Areas of expertise

  • Building capability

  • Organisational culture

  • Change management

  • Business evaluation and development

  • Diversity and inclusivity

  • Communication training

  • Facilitation of group workshops

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Meet Our Additional consultants


Hannah Zhan - PhD in Finance



M. Umar - PhD Humanitarian Supply Chain Management


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Rizwan Ahmad - PhD Supply Chain Management


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Hannah Zhan

PhD in Finance, Bachelor in Accounting, Finance and Information Technology

As a member of Why Wait, Hannah brings a wide range of skills including financial advice, communication training, study skill training and personal development strategies.

Coming from an academically humbled place, Hannah accidentally discovered the power of simplified structures. By simplifying the structure of her study material, she was able to improve her study results dramatically from failing almost all her classes to eventually graduating with a PhD! Along the way, she also discovered the power of mini habits and instantaneous actions. She can’t wait to share those exciting organisational methods with our clients and help them to achieve amazing study goals.

Also, after gaining the PhD degree, Hannah has been involved in teaching and research in the department of Economics and Finance at the University of Canterbury. She received appreciations from both students and professor for her clear understanding and communication of the advanced financial knowledge. Along with that, her research topic of evaluating mutual fund industries equipped her with in-depth understanding about investment and financial well-being. She is now also passionate to share these skills with people from all walks of life and help clients to achieve the new financial goals they always wanted.

“Accumulation of Information creates knowledge; knowledge leads to clearer worldviews. People should never stop learning regardless of their age or walks of life. Let us walk this path together-Hannah”

Areas of expertise

  • Financial advice

  • Communication / Public speaking training

  • Study skill training

  • Personal development

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M. Umar

PhD, Lecturer at Lincoln University, Lincoln, New Zealand

Umar is a proud member of Why Wait NZ. Dr. Umar, Ph.D., is currently a Lecturer of Supply Chain Management at the agribusiness and commerce department, Lincoln University. He holds an undergraduate degree in computer and information sciences, a Master’s in project management and a Ph. D in supply chain management. He has worked in industry for several years before joining academia in 2012. His primary research interest is in developing optimal approaches to design resilient and sustainable supply chains where quality, costs, lead time, flexibility, reliability, logistics and risks are effectively managed. Supply chain management (SCM) is an integral part of most business and is essential to organization success. Nevertheless, SCM boosts customer services and reduces operating costs, but SCM also helps sustain human life by delivering food and water to masses, it improves human healthcare and also protects human from climate extremes. Recently, his research has introduced supply chain resilience framework that has brought together four important supply chain management areas: collaboration, knowledge management, logistics and sourcing.
Further, one of his papers is recently published in Journal of Knowledge Management that has contributed in terms of linking the knowledge management areas to achieve supply chain resilience. He has also recently completed one project where his team has introduced Haddon Matrix to report
evidence-based supply chain resilience strategies against covid19 related disruptions. Umar has also written articles for, currently, he is working on resilience and optimization of food, export, forestry, and vaccine-related supply chains in New Zealand.

Areas of expertise

  • Organisation and supply chain resilience

  • Project Management

  • Logistics Management

  • Change management

  • Critical Thinking

  • Humanitarian supply chains and disaster management

  • Value chain optimization

  • Role of social capital and network structure in supply chain performance

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Rizwan Ahmad

PhD, Lecturer at UnitTec, New Zealand

As a member of Why Wait, Rizwan brings extensive expertise in training a wide range of topics such as operations management, SC risk management, quality management, and organisational resilience. He has experience in providing consultancy to various businesses on their risk management and organisational resilience practices. Rizwan loves exploring complex business problems and developing practical solutions for businesses to improve their processes and operations.
Rizwan completed his Ph.D. from University of Canterbury in 2019. His research project involved exploring various dairy supply chains in New Zealand and Pakistan to investigate supply chain risk management strategies during a disruptive event. His research offered a comprehensive framework of supply chain and operational strategies that enable organisations to become resilient in the face of a disruption. His current research focus is on supply chain resilience, operations management, disaster management, particularly understanding how companies are managing SC-related issues after Covid-19.

Areas of expertise

  • ExpertiseSupply chain risk management

  • Supply chain resilience

  • Organisational resilience

  • Quality management

  • Operations management

  • Business process improvement

  • Statistical data analyst

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